Booter (black)List

This is an initiative to share the (most extensive) list of websites that publicly offer DDoS attacks as a paid service, a.k.a. Booters, Stressers, DDoS for hire, DDoS as a Service, and DDoSers. The list contains both online and offline Booter websites. While the online Booters can be automatically used for blacklisting purpose, the offline Booters can be used for historical analysis of their Market.

Our methodology to generate the Booter blacklist is documented in:
"J. J. Santanna, R. de O. Schmidt, D. Tuncer, J. de Vries, L. Granville, and A. Pras. Booter Blacklist: Unveiling DDoS-for-hire Websites. International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM). 2016."

Overall Statistics:

For each Booter domain name we present the current Alexa Rank. We removed the domain names that returned error ('-1') possibly because those domains either do not exist anymore or do not have a current webpage that Internet users can access. In the bottom of the graph we added the domain names that the Alexa API (that we use) did not retrieved the correct value (and should be retrieved manually). Note, also, that Alexa does not retrieve correctly subdomain (e.g., booter-example.domain.tld).